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21 Handshake is a weird name.

We get asked “what does 21 Handshake mean” quite a lot. Truth is, it’s pretty simple. We help businesses build real relationships using digital marketing in the 21st century.


Isaac is a forward-thinking entrepreneur focused on building strengths-based teams. With expertise in business strategy and finance, Isaac executes marketing holistically, aligning marketing strategy with business goals. When Isaac is not working on 21 Handshake, you can find him spending time with family, working on one of his other businesses, or staying active.

Acount Manager
Sarah is an energetic leader who loves the challenge of creating unique marketing strategies. With 10 years of marketing experience, she brings a depth of marketing knowledge to 21 Handshake. When Sarah is not busy with clients, you can find her coaching her kid’s activities, creating recipes for her personal food blog Bad to the Bowl, or managing her son’s YouTube channel, Hunter Creates Legos.
Creative Manager

Aleks Vizulis is in charge of video and photo content created for 21 Handshake and their clients. When he is not working at 21 Handshake, as a self-taught content creator, you can find Aleks going down YouTube rabbit holes about photography and videography, watching Arsenal Football Club, or golfing.

Social Media Manager

Emily is a creative optimist who is always on the lookout for the positive in every situation. Intuitively, she can see the world through other people's eyes and share their perspectives to bring awareness to their brand. When she is not working at 21 Handshake, you can find Emily spending time with her daughter, studying all things mystical, and soaking up the Florida sun.

Creative Manager
Justice is a creative charismatic who enjoys finding real solutions to real problems. His business degree in Marketing and creative intuition allows for a unique approach to purposeful design. When he is not working at 21 Handshake, you can find Justice spending quality time with his wife and expressing his creativity through the arts.

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