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A digital relationship is a real relationship

Digital marketing is all about building real relationships that actually cause business growth. Never forget there is a real human on the other end. Relationships start with marketing, and are nurtured through sales.

Our 9-Step Process

Forget the fragmented way of executing isolated marketing tasks without a strategy. Marketing should be sequential, each step building off of the next. Our 9-step process goes from laying a strong foundation, to establishing a study market authority.

When it comes to market research, you want to get as specific as possible about who you are trying to reach. In this step, we analyze and identify who and where your prospects are, and use strategies to get your business in front of their eyes.


Market Snapshot

Vague to Clear

Brand story is all about utilizing the qualities and characteristics of your brand. In this step, we get a firm grasp on your brand, going from lost in a sea of common to standing out with a compelling message.


Brand Story

Common to Compelling

Your website will be the hub of all of your online activity. In this step, we make sure your site is up-to-date, clearing the way for all online traffic.


Web Hub

Outdated to Current

We know at the end of the day, B2B boils down to real people working with real people. In this step we clean up socials and create fertile ground for valuable relationships to grow online.


Social Foundation

Inconsistent to consistent

Content generation is the day-in, day-out reinforcement of your brand. In this step, we create quality content boosting market authority within your industry for what you are known for.


Content Generation

Voiceless to Vocal

It’s time to aim towards professionals from companies you want to reach. In this step, we get strategic about how to get your content in front of those who actually find it relevant across all mediums.


Total Market Exposure

Passive to Proactive

Digital dialogue is meant to monitor conversations about what people are saying about you online. In this step, it’s all about quality engagement with real people.


Digital Dialogue

Absent to Engaged

One of the most important strategies for marketing is the ability to track and refine your marketing efforts. In this step, it’s all about observing, reviewing, interpreting, and implementing strategy based on data gathered from various mediums


Track & Refine

Public to Personalized

If you are not on the first may as well not exist. In this final step, we take all the foundation of the previous 8 steps and work solely on search engine optimization (SEO) and your search ranking position (SERP).


Search Dominance

Local Dealer to Market Authority

Ok, this actually makes sense

Interested in learning more about our 9-step process? Let's chat! We would love to walk you through each step and see if we are a good fit for your company.

Some of Our Clients

It all starts with a handshake. Here are some of our clients - real people who have built real relationships through digital marketing strategies.

How We Work

It all starts with a handshake. Here are some of our clients - real people who have built real relationships through digital marketing strategies.

Coach by 21 Handshake

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner simply looking for guidance in this complex digital marketing world that just seems to be so saturated with information and tools? Or someone to hold you accountable to marketing tasks? Well we may have your solution - introducing COACH. Ask us anything you want…you’ll still be in charge of execution, but we’ll be there with you, every step of the way.

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Strategy + Execution

At 21 Handshake, we pride ourselves on having built a very  strengths-first team - one whose foundation is strategy and ideation (check any of our Strengthfinder 2.0 results)…that’s why our clients love us. We act on their behalf, as a true extension of their business! Using our proven 9-step process, we will work shoulder to shoulder with you to help, strategize, execute, and reach your marketing goals!

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We are a group of strategic marketers dedicated to help find qualified leads to grow your business

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